April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

So it is April and Spring is clearly in the air!  It is a time of new beginnings and hope springs eternal!  We hope that this month’s offerings might begin a new flavor journey for our coffee and tea lovers.  

Our Coffee of the Month is Cowboy Coffee. This classic offering will not disappoint.  It is truly one of our most popular products.  We blend our classic dark roasted French Roast with a medium roasted Sumatra.  The two coffees balance each other perfectly.  On one hand, you have the classic smoky flavor of a French Roast.  But something is missing.. The body!  When roasting coffee dark, many of the oils (which make up the body of the coffee) are roasted out of the bean producing a shiny finish.  Coffee from Sumatra is known for its Full Body, Low Acidity, and Syrupy texture.  By blending these two partners a balance is created between the smokiness of the French Roast and the earthy full body of the Sumatra producing a strong and balanced cup.  Perfect for getting your day started with a little extra boost.

Our Tea of the Month is Lean Green.  We start with an Organic Sencha Whole Leaf Tea from China.  We then blend in Ginger and Lemon Peel.  These herbals are known for assisting with digestion.  It is the perfect cup for helping your body break down those meals and improves metabolism.  This tea is very fresh.  We suggest only steeping for about 1 minute.  If you steep too long, you will extract too many types of tannin from the Green Tea and it will become bitter.  For those looking to jazz up their tea drink, we suggest using our Vanilla Non-Dairy Powder!  Simply add one scoop of our Vanilla Non-Dairy Powder to your tea and perhaps some steamed milk or milk alternative and you will have a gourmet Green Tea Latte!  

Visit our website and scope out our full list of drink powders and cocoas. You will find that all of the cocoas, drink powders, teas, and coffees can be blended together in all kinds of interesting ways.  We always encourage our customers to be brave and try new ideas.  There is always a discovery when you when trying something new!


Tom, Harry, and Carmine  

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