August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

Coffee of the month: Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja

Having spent our childhood growing up in Indonesia from 1975 – 1984, we are biased in our love and preference for Indonesian coffees.

Whether it is from Sumsdfgsatra, Java, Papua New Guinea, Bali, or Sulawesi (also referred to as Celebes) these coffees never disappoint.  While many coffee lovers have sampled Sumatra or perhaps a coffee from the legendary island of Java, few have had the privilege of soaking in the amazing coffee from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Our Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja coffee comes from within the Sesean Mountains in the southern Tana Toraja and North Toraja Regencies of this massive Indonesian island province. Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja growers have many conditions suitable for arabica, including volcanic soil, and thick forests that protect their coffee plants and maintain moisture. The area is the main production center of arabica, where a number of small family farms grow and process their own typica and catimor cherries and use the traditional wet-hulled or semi-washed processing method before handing them over off to local community collectors. As is tradition throughout Sulawesi and Sumatra, the collectors then transport the harvest to a central dry mill for final preparation, sorting and ultimately exportation. Kalossi is the name given to the nearby market town, where coffee exchanges and trade have historically been done. These Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja cups are clean, sweet, and slightly earthy. It has a heavy body, low acid, and notes of pepper.

IF you feel like a little more information on this beautiful coffee, visit this link (  from our coffee trading partner and broker at Vournas Coffee Trading.  Many of our very best and most selective coffees come from these passionate coffee enthusiasts.


Cold Brew!

It is August and many of you good folk are dealing with the hot weather and the “dog days” of Summer!  Well, what better way to combat the heat than with a large glass of cold brew coffee or tea!  Maybe you add some creamer, milk, or a milk alternative to complete the beverage.  But there is no better coffee than Ryan Bros Coffee for making this simple and delicious beverage.   If you don’t have a device for making Cold Brew, may we suggest this helpful tool: 

We are selling this Toddy Cold Brew System for $45 on our website.  Making cold brew coffee or tea is easy with this handy tool.  The suggested method of use is to use (1) 12 oz. bag of your favorite coffee from Ryan Bros Coffee (coarse grind) or 8 oz. of whole leaf tea.  Add room temperature water, steep for 12 – 24 hours, and you are done.  The final product is about 32 oz. and it is a concentrate.  Instructions suggest adding one-part cold brew concentrate to 3 parts cold water (1:3).  But that is up to you!  Some suggestions on what coffee to use include:

I would suggest a coarse grind for the coffee and if you are purchasing a coffee for cold brew, include instruction in your notes/comments to grind coarse for cold brew.


Our Cocoa of the month:

Our cocoa of the month is White Night Cocoa.  This white chocolate is simply amazing!  Its flavor is smooth, rich, and creamy.  As a suggestion, you can add (1) 2 oz. scoop (4-table spoons) to about 1-2 oz. hot water and dissolve.  This makes a perfect sauce for adding to your favorite cold brew.  You can also add directly to your hot coffee or tea to make a mocha coffee or tea latte.  The cocoa is non-dairy so go ahead and indulge.  


Our Whole Leaf Tea of the month:


This wonderful tea is Tom’s personal favorite, especially iced.  A perfect blend

of delicate white tea leaves and the amazing super root Yerba Matte along with rose petals and an essence of apple.  Loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols straight from the tree and earth.  You will love the euphoric effect and increased alertness of this awesome tea.  


There you have it!  Sulawesi Coffee, Cold Brew, White Night Cocoa, and White Ice whole leaf tea.  Spread the word and treat yourself to these wonderful offerings!


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Tom, Harry, and Carmine

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