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January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Jan 3, 2022 (Updated on Jul 19, 2023)


Happy New Year! We have a few new things coming your way and a few old things coming back. Our New Year’s Resolution is to keep serving you the delicious coffee, cocoa, and tea you already know and love with the same heart and passion we always have.

Gone Away…

Of course, with the end of the holidays, we have to say goodbye to a few things. Today is the last day for Pumpkin Spice. Christmas Roast will still be available online until January 15th. We’re sad to see these delicious products go, but we need to make way for something new!


Starting today, we have not one, but TWO new teas available on our website. What better way to start the new year than with a couple teas to keep you warm through the whole day?

Tea lovers, we now have matcha! This tea is deliciously earthy and is easy to mix and make a morning drink. No steeping required!

Refreshing Mint is a delicious blend with a distinctive fragrance. Not only does the tea look beautiful, but it is as refreshing as the name would suggest. You can order a large, 6oz bag from our website to make yourself a cup at home.

Finally, one of our most popular teas year round is Lean Green.  This simple yet delicious tea includes Lemon Peel and Ginger Peel mixed with our Organic Sencha Green Tea.  Some of the health claims for Lemon Peel are:

  • Lemon peels contain calcium. ...
  • They're good for your immune system. ...
  • Lemon peels have potassium. ...
  • They're good for your digestive system. ...
  • They could be good for your heart. ...
  • Lemon peels could help protect against cancer.

In addition some of the claims for Ginger Peel are that It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bloating compounds that keep digestion issues at bay and provide immunity. Recent studies have also suggested that ginger may help relieve period cramps. It also helps in relieving swelling and inflammation in arthritis patients.  So if you are hoping to slim that waistline and ward off the seasonal flu, colds and possibly Covid-19, Lean Green may be for you!  Personally, I like to blend it with a little of the Refreshing Mint for even better flavor (Tom Ryan)!

Are you new to our teas? Get yourself a Tea Starter Kit from our website. It comes with a TeaZE unit, a mug, and three tea samples. 

Caffeine Crawl, 2022!

Our favorite event is coming back to San Diego January 29 and 30, and we are on route! Caffeine Crawl is an exciting way to experience the local coffee scene. Want a tour of our shop? Get your tickets for Route 6, Route 9, or Route 10 for January 30th. See you on the path!

Get A Boost!

Now available in our Barrio Logan shop is Energy Boost and Immunity Boost Teas! These mixes are packed with all the good stuff to keep you going and taste delicious. Our Energy Boost is packed with coffeeberry, ginseng, ashwagandha, guarana, and green coffee so you can get your caffeine fix without the oils of roasted coffee. For the change in weather, we recommend our immunity boost; it’s filled with vitamin D, C, B3, zinc, echinacea, and elderberry. 

All our Boost beverages are made with one of our delicious, Cold Brew teas and Monin flavor syrup. Come try one of our mixes! You might have a new favorite drink…