June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter


We can’t believe it’s already June! 2021 is flying by but we hope it takes a little time to enjoy the summer like we will. Maybe it should relax by the beach with an iced Nitro Cold Brew. ‘Tis the season for iced coffee, after all!

Strike a Pose

It was about time for us to shake up our shirts a little. This month we will be rolling out two different colors in our “Life’s Too Short” shirts. We are very excited to be working with Known Supply for our merchandise. The clothing is soft, comfortable, and still looks nice after several washes. (As you can imagine, we tend to get a lot of coffee on us)

That’s not all though! This month we will be releasing new tumblers, campfire mugs, and growlers too!

Subscribe for Flavor

Do you love Sophie’s Blend? Do you love fresh coffee with chocolate and hazelnut? Do you love receiving packages in the mail on a regular basis? Well, we’ve got news for you! Sophie’s Blend is now available for subscription. Whether you need it every week or every other month, you can now personalize your coffee subscription to include our favorite flavored coffee.

And Some More Flavor

In case you missed our Memorial Day Weekend drop, we have a brand new flavor on our website, perfect for that campfire feel. Our S’mores coffee isn’t the only flavor we’re releasing this summer. Our next release will be for Father’s day.

Savory, smokey, and with just a touch of sweet, dad will not be disappointed with this flavored coffee paired with his breakfast on Father’s Day morning. Do you think you have an idea of what it could be?

Barista’s Choice

The love for our special May Gray latte got us thinking about how to best honor the marine layer this month. The June Gloom will make you anything but gloomy!

June Gloom: Our Orange Sun Tea and rose, topped with your choice of milk. To make it sweet, just add vanilla.

The June Gloom is especially fun for us because it reminds us of the sun glowing through the heavy clouds. 

June Trivia

We thought we’d shake things up a little and offer a little trivia. This month’s question is:

What year did the brothers open their shop on Main Street (Barrio Logan)?

If you know the answer, send it to rachel@ryanbroscoffee.com. If you’re the first person to send the correct answer, Rachel will send you a 25% discount code!

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