March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter


I think we can all agree that this month, more than any, will make us think about where we were the year before. So much has changed in the world since March 2020 and while it’s certainly been eventful, it’s not all been bad. Since March, we’ve been able to ship our coffee all over the country. 

Still, there’s no denying just how impactful March 16th was for us in San Diego. Our city closed down to protect the health and well-being of our neighbors, and it left a lasting impression on us. From driving on the 805 without any rush-hour traffic to a very empty coffee shop. St. Patrick’s day is very important to us, so to lose the opportunity to celebrate has made us all the more excited for this March.

One Nutty Irishman

You all seem to enjoy Sophie’s Blend, and our customers are usually eager to get their hands on some Christmas Roast by the end of the year, so we are excited to announce that we have yet another flavor to share with you.

In honor of our favorite holiday, our Irish Creme Coffee will be available all month long in stores and online! It’s a (dare we say it) perfect blend of Vanilla Nut and Irish Creme to add that touch of flavor and aroma to the coffee you already know and love. 

Special Thanks

If you’ve ordered from our online shop, chances are you’ve seen our Ryan Bros Coffee packing tape on our boxes. For a small business like ours, it’s nice to be able to make our packages a little more personal to us so our customers know exactly what’s arrived on their front step. Our shipping department also loves that tape because it’s so easy to use.

That’s why we wanted to give a shout-out to Sticker Mule. They’re a great company to work with because they offer fast, efficient services, and as our online customers know, their products look awesome. They don’t just offer packing tape either! If you’re looking for keychains, stickers, or pins for your business or because they’re just fun to have, we recommend Sticker Mule.


We have a lot of great deals dropping this month on our online store, including -but not limited to- St. Patrick’s Day themed gift boxes! Send someone a whole latte love with almost everything they need to make the perfect, well, latte!

Our coffee box will include our brand new Irish Creme coffee, vanilla powder, and a ceramic mug.

For our tea box, we will include a tea maker and a ceramic mug, as well as samples of our Green Envy tea, vanilla powder, and Refreshing Mint tea!

These gift boxes will only be available for a limited time, so embrace the occasion and share the love.

We have a few things lined up for March 16th and 17th, so keep an eye out for word from us.

Earn Rewards

You might have noticed a little box on the bottom of the screen when you visit our website. If you haven’t clicked on it yet, then you probably don’t know about our new rewards program. Online customers can start earning points for purchases and redeem them for gift cards!

Buying isn’t the only way to get points though. When you refer a friend to us, they’ll get 10% off their purchase, and you’ll get even more points. All you have to do is send them a link.

After all, coffee is best shared between friends and family.

Barista’s Choice

This month we’re doing something a little different when it comes to the Barista’s Choice. We know how Matcha you want to try something a little different, and that’s where you’re in luck at our Temecula and San Marcos shops!

Both shops are celebrating Matcha March where you can try Matcha three different ways:

  1. A classic, Matcha latte
  2. A delicious Matcha Frappe
  3. A creamy Matcha Banana Frappe for you potassium fans

Matcha tea is available at all Ryan Bros Coffee shops, but if you’re looking for something fun and different, be sure to visit the Temecula and San Marcos locations!

As for St. Patrick’s Day, we have a few surprises in store for specialty drinks. While our baristas toil over the perfect recipes for our favorite day of the year, we thought we’d share our ode to Ryan’s Bash:

O, Ryan’s Bash

White chocolate, Irish Cream

Sweet, Nitro Cold Brew

Mocha of our dreams

Don’t worry, we’ll stick to making coffee and not poetry.

Did You Know…

Lake Michigan feeds about a billion gallons of water into the Chicago river every day. That means that if Chicago wanted to dye the river green with Matcha for St. Patrick’s Day, they’d need 15.5 million gallons of Matcha. Maybe celebrating with a Matcha Banana Frappe is a better idea...

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