May 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter


Here in (normally) sunny San Diego, we have what we call “May Gray” which is a persistent fog that hangs out for much of the day as a result of the temperature discrepancy between the air and the sea. The marine layer is like the groundhog heralding the arrival of spring, only it’s for summer on the coast and no one can see their shadows.

A little bit of fog won’t bother us. We, like anyone who’s lived just a little too close to the Great Lakes, know just how glum the weather can get. San Diego can have a “less sunny” end to springtime. It’s only fair seeing that our neighbors to the northeast have had a pretty brutal spring altogether. (No, we will not go back. We like it here.)

Lights! Camera! Action!

If you haven’t seen our videos yet, we would love for you to check them out. As much as we like sharing pieces of our day with pictures and text across our social media accounts, where we really thrive is sitting down and telling our stories like we’re talking to you face-to-face. We have a lot that we would love to share with you on our YouTube channel, including the story of how Ryan Bros Coffee got where it is today.

If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, be sure to give us a follow and hit the notification bell so you know whenever we upload a new video. 

Coffee Method

As we continue to share our stories over our YouTube channel, we also want to share some of our methods for making the best coffee and tea we can. We’ve got “gadgets and gizmos a plenty” to make coffee all sorts of ways, as well as a wide variety of beans to choose from. This month we’re going to show you how we make some of our specialty drinks -including a Mexican Mocha- with some of our favorite innovations. 

Barista’s Choice

This month we put Alexis (Barrio Logan) to the test and asked her to prepare a delicious drink named after our infamous May Gray. We were not disappointed either.

May Gray: Spring Fever tea with a touch of lavender, topped with milk. For a sweeter drink, she recommends adding a scoop of vanilla powder.

Be sure to stop by and get a cup of May Gray before braving the marine layer!

Did You Know…

There are only two states in the US that produce coffee. Hawaii is known for their Kona Coffee which is grown at high altitude, warm climate, cloud coverage, and rich, volcanic soil. The second producer is actually California. Many of the coffee farms are even in San Diego county. 

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