Freestyle Xpresso

WHAT IS "Freestyle Xpresso?" ™

FREESTYLE XPRESSO is all about a better tasting, strong  and flavorful espresso experience--or Xpresso as we say--but without the bitterness or constricted ideology of “having to make it one way” hindering the end result of flavor potential; we use the word “Xpresso” because our version has a  flavor that is strong and concentrated--like espresso--but our unique spelling suggests a difference with a noticeably improved balance and rich tasting proportion. Our innovative processes and simulated Cold Brew Versions take the old formula of espresso and releases new, innovative approaches for the customer. This more individualized approach to blending and crafting all kinds of possibilities is what makes our FREESTYLE XPRESSO bar so popular!

Our bartenders have favorites so just ask if you’re curious...they can craft whatever combo you like! If you’re sensitive to worries! There are Lots of options that lessen or eliminate sugar altogether!