It’s Not Your Same Old Drip.™

Hot Draft and cold brew coffee from the same premium keg. No waste, no waiting, no worries.
The all-in-one alternative to traditional coffee prep

Break The “Brew-and-Dump” Cycle with the Hot Draft Tower

The Hot Draft Tower by Ryan Brothers Coffee draws “kegged” coffees, teas, mochas, lattes, and just about any other beverage in a keg or container through a hot or cold tap so you don’t have to brew it yourself. Pour the same great cup, HOT or COLD at the same temperature every time.

Delicious at Any Temperature.

Delivering the best flavor doesn't just mean using the best coffee – you also need the best brewing methods. Cold brew coffee has become incredibly popular as more people learn about the fantastic flavor notes that come from cool-water brewing. The slower process and gentler water conditions of cold brewing also eliminates a lot of the bitterness that can creep into hot-brewed coffee.

Better for your beans, biosphere, and bottom line

How Does the Hot Draft Machine Create Savings? Let Us Count the Ways…

savings per year vs. conventional brewing

fewer gallons of water used in production

fewer pounds of coffee beans used in production

As an example, we’ll look at a typical coffee shop that’s open 12 hours a day. They brew one 1.5-Gallon coffee pot hourly for a total of 18 Gallons of coffee per day.

  • 1.5 Gallon Coffee Pot x 12 hours = 18 Gallons
    • (1) 1.5 Gallon Coffee Pot = 9 oz. ground coffee
  • 18 Gallons of coffee = 108 oz. (6.75 lbs.) ground coffee
  • Average Coffee Price: $10/lb. X 6.75 lbs. = $67.50 of coffee grounds per day

The typical coffee shop is open 363 days per year.

  • Coffee Grounds: 6.75 lbs per day x 363 days = 2,450 lbs.
  • Coffee Grounds cost: $67.50/day x 363 days = $24,502 per year
  • 18 Gallons per day x 363 days = 6,534 Gallons per year

The industry average for waste due to freshness standards is 50%.

  • Wasted Coffee Grounds: 50% x 2,450 = 1,225 pounds per year
  • Wasted Coffee Grounds Cost: 50% x $24,502 of coffee per year = $12,251/year
  • Wasted Water: 50% x 6,534 gallons per year = 3,268 gallons per year
How Do You Prefer Your Pick-Me-Up?

Two Taps or Three?

Choose a two-tap or three-tap Hot Draft Machine to keep your cups full and crew happy.

Still Percolating?

Contact us and find out if the Hot Draft and Cold Brew Machine is right for your location.

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