October Newsletter

October Newsletter


The leaves are changing colors, from green to red to brown

October winds are blowing, making eerie sorts of sounds

Monsters are a’ mashing, spooks make you run for cover

But Autumn means more tasty things from your favorite brothers…

We are just thrilled that scary season is upon us! Autumn is always a lot of fun with the changing colors and the shorter days, maybe a thunderstorm if you’re in the place for it. We hope that you are all having a safe autumn so far and that you will enjoy October as much as we will. 

Our Halloween Roast

The spookiest of seasons is upon us and we wanted to celebrate with a flavored coffee worthy ghost ships and stories of the stormy seas. It’s a perfect blend of the sweet, smooth flavor of caramel with a kick of rum that is sure to rattle your bones. We promise there are no tricks here, only a delicious treat in your morning mug.

If you stop into our Barrio Logan shop, you can try it as a pour-over or an espresso drink. (psst, try the espresso!)

Caramel Rum is only available for the month of October, so get it while it’s here!

Our Fair Trade Coffee

This month we are featuring coffee from Oaxaca and Yemen. If you’ve been in our shops, you’ve probably seen Oaxaca Coffee on our shelves before. It’s one of our favorites for it’s balance of sweet, almond flavor. 

Yemen, on the other hand, is a coffee we haven’t had in a while. Farmers maintain a high standard when it comes to the care, harvest, and process of these coffee beans. That care goes a long way because the coffee from Yemen has a distinct aroma and flavor. Just opening the bag will immerse you in notes of rich chocolate and raspberry. It is unlike any coffee you’ve had before.

Barista’s Choice

The Bride of Frankenstein, Alexis (Barrio Logan): A unique blend of matcha, butterfly tea, and pumpkin spice powder. It’s the color you have to keep an eye out for!

October Trivia

Last month we asked you which of our locations was our newest and the correct answer was City Heights. The shop is small, welcoming, and super artsy. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you should definitely give them a try.

This month’s question is what is the name of our cold brew coffee made from raw coffee beans?

Email your answer to rachel@ryanbroscoffee.com. The first person to get it right will get a 25% discount code!

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