Our History

A San Diego Success Story

Harry, Carmine, and Tom started Ryan Bros Coffee as a coffee cart in La Jolla & Old Town in 1994. The Ryan Bros have been serving premium coffee in San Diego ever since. 

Pictured: Mrs. Ryan (aka “Mom”) helping out on the coffee cart in Old Town in 1994.

Humble Beginnings

First Roast

Ryan Bros’ first coffee roaster was located in Downtown San Diego, in a 110-square-foot room in Old Colombian Square. 

Roasting late into the night to open their coffee carts and coffee shop at 5 am, the family learned the art of fine products and friendly service! It was in the small room behind this gate that the Ryan Bros honed their skills and knowledge, roasting some of the world’s best coffees five pounds at a time and setting up the foundation for years to come.

Fun Fact: The pattern of the gate represents a coffee plant.

Refreshing Developments

Barrio Logan

Ryan Bros moved into its current headquarters at 1894 Main Street in Barrio Logan in 2003.

This historic location has become the pride of the neighborhood and a landmark for its innovative contributions to the coffee industry. 

The State of California, the City of San Diego, and the Port Authority have all recognized Ryan Bros as a pioneer for redevelopment in the neighborhood. 

Save the Date: The City and the State have both proclaimed November 8th “Official  Ryan Bros Coffee Day” in 2022.

The Ryan Bros: Carmine, Tom & Harry

Contact Ryan Bros

Email us at info@ryanbroscoffee.com to connect with the Ryan Bros team, or contact your closest store here.