December Newsletter

December Newsletter


As the final month of the year rolls in, we want to reflect on 2021. We tried some new flavors, made some new drinks, and we put out one of our innovations for you to try. The response we’ve had in everything we’ve done is a reminder that we are truly blessed to be able to continue making coffee for people who love it just as much as us.

We’d like to thank you, our reader, for being a part of this year. Whether you order online or you visit one of our shops every once in a while, you are part of what makes all of this possible. We raise our proverbial coffee cup to you and wish you a wonderful holiday and a joyous New Year. (This is the part where we clink cups and then drink something warm and delicious)

A Word on our Freestyle Xpresso

The little espresso machine that could is perfect for any die-hard coffee lover, but it is especially perfect for anyone with a birthday in December. Why? It’s sleek, unique, and it gets you caffeinated. Sure, it could be a fun Christmas gift, but think about those December babies who are overlooked every year… 

As you know, this nifty device is a feature of our espresso bar, replacing the classic machine. So when you have one at home, you essentially have a mini Ryan Bros Coffee shop at your house. That’s why we want to share a few special recipes with you so you can be your own barista.

For now, we’ll let you in on a little secret: the best way to prepare our flavored coffee is in the Freestyle. All that flavor gets expressed with the fresh coffee flavors, creating a perfect balance of coffee and whatever is being served with it. A few “anti flavored coffee” drinkers have tried it this way and even they have to admit it’s delicious.

Coffee in the Morning, Coffee in the Evening

Did you know our Christmas Roast has a decaf option? All of our flavored coffees come in decaf because we believe that delicious coffee should be enjoyed by anyone, all day, any day. Decaf isn’t just for decaf drinkers though: it’s a great way to add a little coffee flavor without running the risk of staying awake until 3 in the morning. (That is, unless you want to be wide awake for the New Year)

Or decaf coffee is fresh and delicious, making a wonderful coffee on its own and the perfect base for our flavored coffee lineup. 

Barista’s Choice

This month we are featuring a fun, flavorful Americano that is a whole party in a cup! The Christmas Bash is made with Chocolate Spice espresso, Irish Creme, and White Night cocoa. We recommend leaving this drink out for Santa instead of the classic double shot of espresso. 

What do you mean you leave milk and cookies out for him? What if the milk gets warm? How is he supposed to get his jolt of energy? You can’t really expect the man to chug a whole glass of milk. Espresso is much better.

December Trivia

Last month we asked you what our best selling herbal tea was. The correct answer was our Red Rooster. Have you tried it yet? We highly recommend it!

Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas put on his red suit and visited one of our shops last year. Which shop did he go to?

  1. Barrio Logan
  2. Temecula
  3. City Heights
  4. San Marcos

Email your answer to The first person to get it right will get a 25% discount code!

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